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Articles by Bill Sullivan

electronic retailerBill Sullivan is the former President of the Electronic Retailing Association and a regular contributor to their magazine, the "Electronic Retailer". Below are some of his most recent articles.

"Finding Digital Success with Campaign Optimization" - August 2015

"Radio on the TV" - September 2014

"Adding DR to Your Branding Campaign Increases Sales at Retail" - October 2013

"Why DR Radio Success Starts with Asking the Right Questions" - March 2012

"Why DR Radio is the Place to Start a Multimedia Campaign" - December 2011

"Super Charge Your PI Call Volume With a Remnant Radio Buy" - June 2011

"How to Make DR Radio Buys Run Successfully 52 Weeks a Year" - March 2011

"How Per-Inquiry Hispanic Radio Can Expand Your Profits" - November 2010

"Distressed Cash Radio Buys vs. Per Inquiry Radio" - May 2010

"Information is Power – and Profit" - August 2009

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